Birthday Wishes For Cousin - Happy Birthday Cousin Images

Share your feelings in an awesome way. Get birthday wishes for cousin, happy birthday cousin images, and wish birthday to them. Bring a big smile on their face.

Is it your cousin birthday? How many cousins do you have? Cousin is a broad category includes all of your relative’s children. If you have a broad family then you will definitely have lots of cousins. Every cousin is different and carries its own importance, some are closely attached others may have an only formal relationship with you.

But birthdays are the time where you have to wish everyone with a full fervor no matter, they are close to you or not. Everyone should be wished and acknowledged on her/his birthday. So, you should choose best birthday wishes for cousin to bring a big smile on their face.

Wishing birthday a cousin is not a very difficult task but send the best wish is somewhat difficult. How to make the best wish? For making the best wish you have to consider the following things:

  1. If you know him/her closely, his/her personality then wishes him/her accordingly.
  2. If you do not know him/her closely, then choose a general wish that will not hurt her/his feelings.
  3. Generally, there are two types of birthday wishes for cousin. Formal Birthday wishes and funny birthday wishes. Down here, we discuss both wishes and their choices according to your cousin personality.
  4. At the end, you can find happy birthday cousin images with beautiful messages. Hope you will love. And get good response from you cuz.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Cousin Special Day

Formal happy birthday wishes for cousin include those wishes that are your true feelings towards him/her having no funny fact. We can also term them as serious and sober wishes. You can also share these birthday wishes with your cousin sister and brother. As a respectable relation.

Formal wishes are perfect if your cousin is very serious and humorless person. However, if your cousin is a cute, inspirational, or clever person, you can pick out cute and smart wishes. Here, you will see all types of birthday wishes including cute, smart, inspirational and sentimental so chose according to your cousin personality.

Share your love and care for your cousin. Cousin is a first best friend of everyone's life. Whom with you spent all your childhood. You must have best memories with your cousins. So celebrate you cousin birthday in an awesome way.

  • Happy birthday Dear! You are an inspiration for me. Keep growing!

  • We shared a lot of good times together. Had a lot of fun, I am very glad to have a cousin like you. Happy Birthday!

  • Dear cousin, you are not only my favorite cousin but also my favorite personality. Happy Birthday!

  • Best birthday wishes for my cousin! You are a constant source of wonder and joy for us.
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  • May you always appreciate lots of happiness and prosperity in your life. Happy Birthday!

  • Dear cousin you are always top-notch in my list of family members. Be always like that, Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday! You are more than a cousin for me.

  • We have become so much busy in the daily schedule that if we have not birthdays, we can’t have time to meet each other. Anyhow happy birthday!

  • However, the outside world recognizes you as my cousin but for me, you are my best friend. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday dear cuz! May you have the coolest birthday ever.

  • Warmest wishes for my elegant, wonderful, pious and kind cousin.

  • Do not tell anyone, you are my coolest cousin. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday to my cousin! You are the pearl of our family. Keep shining always!
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  • Dearest Cousin! I wish you years and years of joy, happiness, and bliss. Happy Birthday!

  • I wish you a good health as health is a great wealth. Happy Birthday!

  • A Friend is a friend,A brother is a brother;If you want both in one, cousin is in trend. Happy birthday cousin brother!

  • A Friend is a friend, A sister is a sister,  If you want both in one, cousin is in trend. Happy birthday cousin sister!

  • I spend a lot of time with my brothers, I spend quality of time with my best friend. But when I spend time with you my cousin, I forget about the time. Happy birthday cuz!

  • If only I will have the capability to give a gift of heaven, then I absolutely would give it to you so you will be able to live forever. Happy birthday to you my favorite cousin!

  • My dear cousin, I now that today is your birthday, I wish that dreams come true and I would like to let you know that I am grateful for all the success you have achieved in life!

  • Cousin, today is a very special occasion for me is your birthday! May all or sorrows come to an end and all of your dreams come true. May you live healthy and wealthy life.

  • Dear my favorite cousin, hope you live a long life. May all your dreams comes true. I love being your Cousin! Happy Birthday Dear!

  • We are cousins, so that means we are family. But even if we were not, I’d be so thankful to know a person as friendly and loving as you. Happy birthday!

  • On this most special day, I want to tell you one thing that how much you are loved and how blessed I feel to have you apart of my life and family. Happy Birthday cousin!

  • It’s amazing to have an intelligent and magnificent cousin like you. It’s wonderful to have a chance to wish you on your Birthday a lot of happiness, success, health, wealth and fortune in life! 

  • Having a cousin like you is the greatest gift for me. You always inspire me. Have a wonderful birthday and may you live long to inspire more people in your life.
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  • I pray for you may this birthday brings another successful year for you. Be growing in this world with peace and sincerity. May there be lovely gifts, a lot of ecstasies and endless pleasure, happy birthday to my cousin.

  • It has been a long time that you didn’t come here. I am coming in your home for your birthday party, happy birthday!

  • Dear cousin, on this special day, I hope you take the time to reflect on how wonderful your life has been. I hope that I can be a part of your future, too. Happy birthday!

  • Having a gorgeous cousin sister like you is a lot of responsibility. I have to convince all my guy friends to stay away from you because all of them have a crush on you. Happy birthday to my beautiful cousin sister.

  • I am lucky to have you in my life as a cousin. You deserve all the success, happiness and love in the world. Have a fabulous birthday and a fantastic year ahead of you. Enjoy your day. Happy Birthday Cousin Brother.

  • It’s wonderful to have a smart and superb cousin like you. It’s wonderful to have a chance to wish you on your Birthday a lot of joy, luck, happiness, success, and fortune in life.

  • Today you open a new page in your book of life. Start writing new things by having the joy and breathe to do great things on this wonderful day.

  • What can I hope for such a special cousin on her birthday? I am wishing for lots of happiness, success, health and lots of love in your life.

  • You are a blessing for me for all the family. Every day we are happy to have you in our lives. You spread happiness i our lives. Happy birthday cousin, we really love you.

  • You were born on this date and since then you have grown and has been a blessing to our family. May you live long my cousin. Happy birthday.

  • Wishing my best cousin, a Happy Birthday! You have brought life, hope, and love to our family! May you thoroughly enjoy your day!

  • Cousin, your birthday is an opportunity for me to show how much you mean to me. You are very special for me and for all family. Happy birthday to my cousin that I always laugh with and who understands me the most, the best of days! 

  • Happy Birthday to the most splendid person that I know! Cousin, your inspirations, and motivations give us the strength serves as an example for everyone in our family to follow!

  • My prayer today for you is that God fills you with a lot of strength and some great dancing moves because you are going to need them for the party we have planned for you. Tonight, we shall party like tomorrow will never come.

  • My childhood was full of fun and entertainment because of you, Cuz. I remember all those fun times we had. I miss those days. You are such an awesome person, and I love you so much. I hope you celebrate this special day in an awesome way!

  • If I had one wish, I would wish to be with you all the time because you have such a wonderful soul. Happy birthday dear! I hope you enjoy every moment of this beautiful day God created for you.

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  • Cuz, on this special day, Your existence in my life is a source of happiness and joy for me and our family. Thank you for everything you did for me. You decorating my life in such an awesome way. Happy birthday, and may God never stop decorating your life too.

  • Dear Cuz, as you continue your beautiful journey of life, I just want you to know that I will always love you and be there for you, no matter the prevailing circumstances. Happy birthday, my dear cousin.

  • I’m proud to have a cousin who always supports me, encourages me, has amazing ways of doing things easily. I am feeling lucky to have you, my cousin. You are the star of our whole family. Happy birthday, my cousin. 

  • On your special anniversary, I wish you oceans and oceans of love and happiness. May felicity and good fortune accompany your every step on this journey of life. Love you from the bottom of my heart! Happy birthday my cousin.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Cousin Brother And Sister

It is a common saying that everyone has a different instinct. Some people are funny, some are aggressive, some are jolly, some minds a lot and some are serious and so many personalities. For jolly and funny personalities, funny birthday wishes work a lot as funny people amuses if they treated like their own way.

If you have some funny memories or something to tease them. Use that funny stuff. Show them you care about their special days and memories.

Here are some funny birthday wishes for cousin brother and sister. Bring a big smile on their faces. Start their day with a big laugh.

  • I wish you an amazing package of friendship, love, romance, fun, and peace for the coming years. These are all free of cost.

  • Smile my dear, it’s your birthday and your all teeth are good. Happy Birthday!

  • Dear cheers and light the candles, do not worry I have already informed the fire extinguisher. Happy Birthday!

  • Getting older means getting wiser. So best wishes for the wiser man. Happy Birthday!

  • Another year passed and we did not fight, let’s start fighting. Kidding, Happy Birthday!

  • I bought chocolate puff pastry dessert that we both love, oops! I ate it on the way. Happy Birthday!

  • Money was tight so I bought a wish for you, keep progressing and never forget me. Happy Birthday!

  • Too many famous personalities have born this day but I do not find you in Google. Happy Birthday!

  • Today is your birthday, do not mind if I take too much cake. Happy Birthday!

  • I bought a gift for you, but someone said you only need love. So my lovely wishes are for you. Happy birthday!

  • Happy birthday! Today may you get much power of lungs to blow all the candles.

  • Happy birthday dear! You are in your thirties; I hope you will get diseases of love this year.

  •  Happy Birthday! I wish a virus of fun on your birthday that spreads and covers all party mates.

  • A horse with an injured leg is for you. It was right before he started tapping your age. Happy Birthday!

  • I am gifting you a good game. Please remember my birthday too. Happy Birthday!

  • For your birthday, I wanted to give you something that was both funny and charming, but then I remembered you already have me in your life. You have an expensive gift. Take care of it :p

  • Only if discovery showed animals celebrating their birthdays.Yes! You’d be on television!

  • A small cake on your birthday doesn’t have enough space to fit all those candles and also our appetite. Anyway happy birthday dear!

  • It's my cousin’s birthday! I hope that you are such a disaster when you celebrate your special day, that they name a hurricane after you.

  • Cousins are friends who are related by blood, siblings who don’t fight with you over closet space, and best friends who never reveal secrets. Happy birthday!

  • Happy birthday, cousin! Too many candles should be one cake. Let’s skip the candles this year, okay? We would not want to burn the house down.

  • Cousin! You have a few gray hairs, you still look well. Don’t worry about your age, I will never tell anyone. Happy birthday!

  • Cousin, I am so thankful we shared a childhood. If I live to see your grandkids, I will have so many embarrassing stories to tell. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Cousin Images With Messages

Cousins are very special breed. If you have a chance to live near your cousin house, you will really find it memorable time spent with your cousin. Sometimes, you spend your childhood with your cousin. So along with your brothers and sisters, you also hold good reminisce with your cousins. 

However, life becomes so fast but birthdays are the time where you can have get together and spend some precious time with your relatives. Never miss these events; these are refreshers for your life. Share happy birthday cousin images and good birthday wishes and take care each other as man is a social animal.

Hope these happy birthday images will fulfill the requirements of best birthday wishes for cousins. But these will be worth when you use them. But remember! Choose wish according to the birthday boy or girl personality otherwise, there are chances of your insult. Kidding! But it is better to choose the right thing for the right person.

You can find below unique birthday images for cousin with best wishes. All these happy birthday cousin images designed with beautiful messages. Hope they will love it.

Birthday Images For Cousin

Happy Birthday To My Cousin Images

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