Special Happy Birthday Wishes For Girls With Images

Sometimes finding the right words to wish a girl is a challenge. Get free birthday wishes for girls with images. And make her special day more special.

Looking for best birthday wishes for girls? Women play an important role in our life and the impact it greatly. Whether as mothers, daughters or even friends they try their best to make our life beautiful. The bond we share with them is quite special and that's why their birthdays are not only an important milestone in their lives but in our lives as well. We make sure their birthday is celebrated as they want and present them with the perfect gifts. We should choose the special birthday wishes for her. Make feel them extra special.

Girls like getting birthday wishes as soon as the clock strikes 12:00. They wait for everyone to wish them as soon as possible. Not only that, but they like the gesture of getting wished on all social accounts with cute birthday pictures and emojis to make them feel special. Bookmark this page, whenever you want special happy birthday girl wishes and images you will find here. Bring a smile on her face by using these birthday wishes images.

Choose Birthday Wishes For Girls And Female Friends

Sometimes finding the right words to wish a girl is a challenge. However, it is as simple as it could be. Girls like being shown that they are loved and cared for, so a cute wish or just a Happy Birthday on her special day would be enough for her. Just remember to wish them on time, otherwise, they are known to hold grudges and you will be the only person responsible for that. Here we have written best birthday wishes for girl. Show her how much you care about her special day.

  • To my beautiful daughter, I hope you know how much you are loved. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, Mom, I wish you health and long life on your big day.
  • On your birthday I would like you to know that you will always be loved and cherished. Happy birthday, girl!
  • The bond we share is not of a sister, but of soul sisters. I will always be thankful for having you in my life. Happy Birthday, soul sister.
  • Thank you for being always by my side through thick and thin, bad times and good times and never leaving my side. Thank you for making me what I am today, Happy Birthday.
  • Wishing you an amazing birthday filled with great surprises. happy birthday woman.
  • I wish you health, wealth, and everything good in the world on your birthday. Celebrate your day, make it extra special.
  • Happy Birthday! Stay happy always and may all your sorrow go away. May you achieve all your goals. happy birthday beautiful lady.
  • You must be missed on the sky because you are an angel in my life. Happy Birthday Sweetheart.
  • Happy Birthday! May you have a long, happy, healthy and fun filled life ahead.
  • I hope everyone is super jealous of me because I have the most amazing sister ever. Happy Birthday.
  • I want to make you happy because seeing you smile makes me happy. Happy Birthday.
  • The things that count most in life usually cannot be counted. Happy Birthday.
  • Wish you birthday blessings and happiness.
  • Happy Birthday! Wishing you hours that blossom like flowers, into a bright bouquet of happiness.
  • May your birthday be full of all the lovely things you treasure.
  • Happy Birthday! May you always have things to wish for and may all those wishes come true.
  • Celebrate your birthday because it's all about colors, fun, extravagance, merriment and feeling special.
  • Happy Birthday! May you have a magnificent day today.
  • These birthday greetings are filled with warmth and joy to bring you wishes for a wonderfully happy day and all life's best throughout the year. Happy bday sweet girl!
  • All the things you most enjoy are being wished for you not only on your birthday but each day all year through.
  • Hope your birthday will be filled with all the things you love so that it leaves you with many special memories and moments to cherish. Happy birthday gorgeous girl!
  • Birthday Wishes For Daughter
  • As the future unfolds, may it brings you everything you wish for and everything your little heart desire. Happy Birthday.

Long Birthday Wishes:

  • Today is a day meant to celebrate and make it extra special, I know that you want to, and I know that you have been waiting for this day for a long time to make it memorable, and it finally came! So let us make it unforgettable! Happy birthday My Girl!
  • We all need a special day to be in the center of attention, even if you do not like attention, and today is that day, I hope that all of your dreams come true, and I hope that you never ever be hurt, or lose your smile. Keep smiling always! Happy birthday!
  • I looked through the window this early morning, and I thought ” Waooo, what an amazing day” and then I remembered that it is your birthday, and that made it even better, so I wish you a very very happy birthday!
  • You are really a best Friend that deserves a special day. For being who you are and bringing joy in every way! You give us every moment to enjoy. You make us laugh and smile with everything you do, So today we get to send a special birthday wish to you! May you stay always in our lives.

Funny Birthday Wishes And Messages for Girls

Sometimes, girls are usually not found of jokes from random people. However, the people they are close to or share a special bond with, they never mind their jokes or pranks and their conversations are mostly borderline jokes and sarcasm. This is the reason that they like being wished with funny birthday wishes from their friends and enjoy doing the same to the girls in their life. Go down for funny birthday messages for girls.


  • Happy Birthday, Grandma! Why are you so ancient?
  • On your birthday eat all the cake you want and forget the scale, it always lies.
  • Happy Birthday! My condolences are with your family. It must be hard to have an ogre for a daughter.
  • Since you are my best friend. On your birthday I promise to share all ugly pictures of yours and tag you in them.
  •  Happy Birthday, dear friend! May you grow to be old, wrinkly and toothless.
  • We are not getting old, we are getting awesome. Happy Birthday.
  •  Happy Birthday! If someone calls you old hit them with your cane and throw your teeth at them. 
  • Happy Birthday! Considering all the candles on your cake, I hope you alerted the fire station.
  • The only way to look young at your age is to add a decade to your age. Happy Birthday.
  • Don't count the candles on your birthday cake or the wrinkles on your face. Just be thankful that you are even here.
  • Happy Birthday, oldie! Do you remember how it was like to have teeth?
  • On your birthday you should start something new. You should start lying about your age.
  • You have reached the age of wisdom, yet no one wants to listen to you.
  • Count your blessings even if you have grey hair, at least you do have hair. Happy Birthday!
  • I wanted to get you a cake, but they don't make a big enough cake to fit all the candles.
  • Will you be able to blow all the candles or should I call the fire department?
  • Sweet, intelligent, beautiful, amazing and everything good. That is all me so just a plain Happy Birthday to you.
  • Happy Birthday! You are old enough to know better and very old to remember why.
  • Happy Birthday. It's great to be young, beautiful and full of energy. You must miss those days.
  • Happy Birthday! You know you are older than you think when putting on lipstick and mascara is harder than exercise.
  • Wish you a very Happy Birthday! I bought you a surprise gift, a cane.
  • Happy Birthday. Welcome to the 29 years old forever club, we have millions of members all around the world.
  • One more year older than this and people will wonder if you are a walking dead. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday! I hope your birthday is half as fun as you portray it on social media.
  • You look great birthday girl, considering your age.

Happy Birthday Girl Images With Wishes On It

Will the birthday of your girl come soon? You should take care about her special day, finding a beautiful birthday images with wishes. Because it's difficult to choose the perfect words with a perfect picture. That is why on this page I am going to share amazing happy birthday girl images with wishes on it. Best girl birthday sayings on all images. 


Using our collection of birthday wishes images, you will face no difficulties to send messages and gifts to people you love. Make sure that you remember the date and send your virtual gift with a message on time. So, be on time. It is very important to parents, siblings, and friends to show their girl that she is the most important person on the earth for them. It is true that both adults and children love to be remembered at their special dates such as birthdays. Explore down for your birthday girl images.

Best Birthday Wishes For Girl With Name

Want to write a name on these happy birthday wishes images? Make your girl happy by using these birthday wishes for girl with name. It's a unique way to wish birthday to your girl, sister, girlfriend, daughter. Share your good wishes with your friends and family with their name on birthday wishes. Best ever website to generate name birthday wishes. You will love it.

Use Birthday Wishes For Female Friend

Birthdays are a great event to celebrate and spend time with your loved ones. Make sure you are there to make them feel special and show them how much you care. As you will grow older all these memories will hold a special place in your heart. So, be there for your loved ones while they are still in your life. If it's female then you should share beautiful and cutest birthday wishes images to her. Don't worry if you far away, just choose the best birthday wishes for female friend and make her day extra special.