TOP Funny Birthday Wishes

Need funny Birthday wishes to send to your friends, find them right here with funny birthday images. You will love it. Bring the big smile on their faces now.

Here we will give you funniest birthday wishes images by using which you can make your love bond stronger and make your birthday wishes funny, bringing a big smile to your friend's faces. If you have a frank relationship with your friends, cousins, lover, or someone. You don't need casual birthday wishes. You should go for the naught greetings. Here we have a top collection of funny happy birthday wishes and images. Choose the best one and laugh together.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Everyone

Below you can pick a funny birthday text for anyone. These will work for every relation and any age. So you can choose the funniest one to make them happy.

  • One important thing to tell you, Don’t worry about your age today. Keep in mind that you will be older next year. Happy Birthday.

  • The best Congratulations on reaching an age when you stop pretending that you care about food, pop culture, modern technology, and of course your looks.

  • Eat a lot of Food, Laugh, and Smile all you want while you have teeth left. Happy Birthday.

  • Welcome to that age when you forget your age. Happy Birthday To You!

  • You can value what this day means, you can value how lucky you are to be older again, or not, but above all, you should value your beautiful teeth and smile, since you do not know how long it will accompany you if you continue to be years old at this speed. Congratulations!

  • I never wrote birthday wishes for people I didn’t want, today I will have to make an effort and try to make birthday wishes to make you happy.

  • There is an extraordinary, intelligent, rich, and famous person who was born on a day like today. Too bad it wasn’t you.

  • If I don’t give you anything this year, don’t be offended, I’m saving for the next. Happy Birthday!

  • Unfortunately, I don't know how to use an oven, otherwise, I bake a cake for you.

  • Finally, the day comes, on this day only you get notifications not birthday gifts. Enjoy, happy birthday!

  • One more year has come to end and I give you the best tip: remove all the mirrors from your room and house so that you can be scared each year more with your reflection of old age.

  • Today is the most special day, I was thinking of a great trip to celebrate in a big way. So I thought if you could take care of my pet while I go around the world?

  • From your understanding, I am sure that you will not be angry when you see that you will not receive my gift because you surely know that I am saving to buy you a better gift. So congratulations on this year, and your patience.

  • On these special days like your birthday, I start to remember my happy past at your side, I usually do it with images from the past, from the happiness I pass to laughter because I see that you have not changed, you are still as ugly as ever.

  • Fortunately, Facebook reminds me every year of your birthday, and thankfully there are emoticons on WhatsApp to save me from writing birthday greetings. If not, on days like today, you wouldn’t know I exist.

  • Birthday wishes with images? You expect a lot from me for how little you should. I do not deny that one day I will, but today it is fatal. Have a great day, and may you receive blessings in this new year.


Short Funny Birthday Wishes

Here we have short birthday wishes, by using which you can make a lot of fun with these funny wishes.

  • Whenever I see you, I wonder how the hell this person has survived yet. Happy birthday dude!
  • On your Birthday, I pray to give you a life-long enough to see your teeth and hair falling. Happy Birthday!
  • Don’t you think my friendship with you is the most significant birthday gift for you? Don’t even dare to expect a gift until and unless you through me a birthday party. Happy Birthday!
  •  I will not give you a birthday cake this year. I have taken an oath to cut down your weight immediately. Happy Birthday, bestie!