Happy Belated Birthday Wishes And Images - Its Not Too Late

It's not too late, you still have a chance to wish birthday to them. Just share these happy belated birthday wishes and images with them. They will love it.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes And Images that will make your late wishes more special and interesting. Birthday is a day on which everyone expects to receive a special treatment from not only the relatives but also from friends and co-workers. And if on this occasion you miss out sending greetings to someone then that someone is sure to screw up with you for next couple of days or unless you recompense. This is actually the day when one gets the chance to express the genuine feelings towards the birthday person. So, first of all, don't miss this golden chance. And if you missed the chance then these belated happy birthday wishes will help you to make them happy.

Some people show these feelings via gifts while other find words more heartwarming. But, if you have forgotten to wish birthday to someone, you ought to have more intense words which may refill the joy of the ex-birthday. However, these belated words vary for every person mostly depending upon the relationship with the sender. You are kind of formal with colleagues, farther relatives and for people with little acquaintance. Likewise below are some interesting informal belated birthday wishes for your very close friends and family. 

Funny Belated Birthday Wishes Full Of Beans:

This section contains belated messages and greetings that are funny, hilarious, insulting, annoying, rude and everything else that will help you write funny belated birthday wishes for your girlfriend, boyfriend, colleague, husband, wife or friend birthday

  • I sent you wishes on your special day but they were so heavily bounded with blessings that they turned little slow and reached you a day late.

  • The train carrying my greetings for you got a punctured wheel so have it a day late. Happy belated birthday.

  • Oh, I am sorry I forgot you to were born and were not downloaded from a spam email so have a birthday too. Happy belated birthday!

  • I hope your birth date may have skipped from this year calendar and I could save my vocabulary but ah it's not. But you got me even after your day, well have a blast.

  • Wishing a blasting belated birthday to the person much more belated.

  • I went here and there wasted a whole day looking for something matching you on your big day but could not find anything similar to a clown.

  • I know you are a party lover, you throw the party for a runny nose, for a burnt meal, for an exam failure so I give you another reason to party; a belated birthday! Rock the party.

  • I called firefight department to help you blow candles on your cake as you are too old to do that, they gave appointment for the day past your birthday. Sorry for late birthday wishes! Have a furious belated birthday.

  • I love the way you look with anger so intentionally wishing you a belated birthday.

  • You look super-cute angry bird when not wished on time so have a late but cheery birthday.

  • Sorry, I didn’t pay my internet bill so couldn’t be on time to wish you on your big day.

  • Hey, curse the power supply company that caused my cell phone battery's death. Wishing you a digital birthday.

  •  It is not my fault you are not on Facebook. Sign up, or remind me a few days before it is your birthday next time. Belated happy birthday!

  • Hey just do not worry I would not let you feel low on not throwing a party for me! We will enjoy more your second birthday bash.

  • The courier I sent your wishes through had a heart attack on knowing you were born on his birth date so my greetings for you on your birthday got a little late.

  • Oh, it was really your birthday this April 1st, I thought your mother April-fooled us. Sorry I missed in confusion, have a belated blast you fool.

  • Shakespeare said what's in a name, I say what's in a date. Happy Belated Birthday!

  • Why should I be sorry about not wishing you on your birthday? You saved some money by treating one less person, didn't you? Belated happy birthday!

  • You know you are lucky to have a unique friend like me so it would have been common wishing you on your common birthday.

  • It's not my mistake that I forgot your birthday, but that’s my jealous PC that set it on date ahead in its calendar. Better late than never, happy birthday!

  • What if I forgot to wish you on the date you were born! Does it alter your birth or you, you are still the same dude! So cheer and have a belated birthday.

  • You are not my wife man! You are a friend champ! So stop whining and accept the greeting! Happy belated birthday.

  • I wanted to give you some more time enjoying your teen life so wishing you little late. Wish you a great start in the new phase, happy first birthday in the twenties!

  • I remember the surprise and glow on your face when I wished you a week late last year. Wanted to experience it again. Love your glowing face sis happy birthday!

  • You were 5 seconds later than me coming in this world my twin so wishing you a 5 seconds belated birthday.

Formal Belated Happy Birthday Wishes For All

I this section you will get formal belated birthday wishes, say sorry to your friends or family member if you did not wish them on time. it is better late than never. Save your relations by sharing these best belated birthday greetings and messages.

  • I want your everyday as wonderful as the day you were born so planning to wish a belated birthday always.

  • Feelings are not bound to certain dates and days, you can express it little late too. Happy belated birthday.

  • I know I am a day late but that does not snatch my right to wish you love on your big day.

  • Sorry, i missed your birthday. A greeting filled with an extra bit of blessings with an extra day to wish for your ex-birthday. Have a belated birthday.

  • Sorry as I m a little lazy bone, hope you had a wonderful celebration even without me and enjoyed my piece of cake. Happy belated birthday.

  • It's always better late than never, so here is happy belated birthday wishes kindly accept it.

  • Birthday wishes possess same importance no matter when delivered. I wish you a year, mind it not day, full of happiness.

  • No matter if I forgot to wish you on time but I wish enduring happiness for you even little late.

  • Though my feelings reached you late but check they are warmer as they were sent.

  • Hope my absence didn’t halt your joy. Have a belated happy birthday dear.

  • I hope you have spare my part of cake preserved in the fridge. Have a year full of joy.

  • Sending your way a bunch of warm wishes some extra as being late. Happy late birthday!

  •  Although it's late the greetings are full of warmth and love. Forget about that day. Celebrate your day everyday.

  • It's not that you are out of my mind but it's just that things caught me in the way. Happy birthday.

  • Old is always gold, so I made your day of gold, happy belated birthday.

  • I got late finding words more suitable to the awe-inspiring personality of your to wish you a heartwarming birthday.

  • I wish, though little late, innumerable blessings for your happier, healthier and handsome life.

  • On your part, it might be a late wish but on my part take it as two in one; a belated as well as an advance happy birthday. Hope I am on top of the list for your next year big day.

  • You are so special to me that I see your everyday similarly special so no matter it's late, but wish you a special belated birthday.

  •  I am sending bonus love as compensation to my mistake. Happy belated birthday.

  • My late birthday greeting is to recall happy memories you had on your birthday celebrations. Hope you would accept.

  • I think it would soothe the hurt I caused forgetting your birthday that though little late but worldly affairs didn’t make me forget your big day at all. Happy birthday!

  • I know I am a day short but my you still had my prayers roaming around when you cut the cake missing me. Have a jubilant year ahead.

  • A birthday wish is not meant for that particular date only, I think it’s the day to wish countless blessings for the upcoming year so I wish a year filled with success, sound health and a year sorrow free.

  • Your birthday irrespective of the calendar date is of great worth to me, sorry for being late but you mean this universe to me. Happy belated birthday.

Happy Belated Birthday Images With Messages

You are late to wish birthday to your friend or family member, you have forgotten or you just didn’t think about it? No problem. Here is a solution on how to say "Belated Happy Birthday" and what to write on a happy belated birthday images in this case. Here is the awesome collection of best belated birthday images to help you ease the situation. People will still be happy if you are late, because of better late than never. For this reason, an image says better than 100 words, you will find here beautiful belated birthday wishes images to help to express your feelings on belated birthday in the colorful and beautiful way. You can post them on Pinterest or Facebook, it is up to you where ever you want. Check out below amazing happy belated birthday images with messages. It's time to save your relationship. Choose the best one belated images.

Write Name On Belated Happy Birthday Wishes

If you want to write name on these happy belated birthday images then check out here belated birthday wishes with name. It's ok if you forgot to wish birthday to your friend or family. Make a unique wish for them by writing name on belated happy birthday wishes. Because everybody loves their name.

Late Birthday Wishes - Its better late than never

These are some of the ways you can cheer up your loved ones on forgetting their special days. Remember words are stronger than swords if they can cause pain they have the power to heal too. No matter if you someone's birthday is skipped from your mind or routine, you can fill the vacuum with just some beautiful heartwarming words. As it's rightly said, better late than never! Hope you will never lose a relation now onwards just because you forgot to wish someone a birthday. So choose the best happy belated wish or images for them. Hope these late birthday wishes will melt the heart. They will forgive you.