Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes For Lover With Images

Make your lover birthday more romantic and special. Get romantic birthday wishes for lover, make feel them extra special. Download birthday images for lover.

It is very hard to find Romantic Birthday Wishes for Lover and impress them on this special day of their life. On this page, we are going to share happy birthday wishes and birthday images for lover. Don't have to worry about it anymore as we have come with the latest Birthday Wishes for Her and Birthday Wishes For Him. For lovers, there is no other day is as special as their loved one's birthday and every one want to celebrate this day more romantic and make it extra special for the lover.

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. Without love, the world is nothing but a blank ball that has no colors and beauty. If you also love someone then do not hide it. Make him/her realize how much you mean to you. For expressing your love and affection, one of the most beautiful occasions is their birthday. The day when they are very happy and they will not react badly, hopefully! However, if you already told her/him about your love and he/she accepted then again sending romantic birthday wishes will enhance your relationship.

Romantic Birthday Wishes For My Love

Romantic birthday wishes for lover are very special that describes your true and real feelings and emotions. What is inside you? We know it! And we lock them in words to unlock before your lover. Love is a fascinating thing that could happen in people’s lives. Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to send them some heartfelt words. Here are beautiful happy birthday wishes to help you express your love to your partner, lover, husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend.

As you know that birthday is a perfect time to express your feelings to your lover. So, try these romantic birthday wishes for love. Share your loved ones how special this day is to you as well, and let them know that you want all their hopes and dreams to come true. If you are worried about how and what to say on birthday. Don't know how to wish birthday in a romantic way or don't have many words to express your feelings. Below are the romantic birthday wishes for lover that will help you to express love on his/her birthday. Choose best birthday wishes for love here:

  • Happy Birthday my darling! The flames of our love will remain burning till the world exists. You are the reason of my shine and beauty! Stay there for me.

  • Dear boy! You are my whole world. I can’t think to live without you. You are my passion, my desire, and my lust. Happy Birthday!

  • What will you expect from me at your birthday? I do not know but I know this gift wrap with my deep love really fascinate you. Happy Birthday!

  • Today I plan to arrange a huge party, hangouts and much more for you. Hope you will enjoy the day! Love you my dear and Happy birthday!

  • My sweetheart, May you have much much more on your birthday and your all wishes come true. You do not know how much I desire you when you are not with me. Love you beyond and infinitely. Happy Birthday!

  • The flames of our love will always burn and enlighten our strong feelings with each other. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday, baby! May your day be as joyful and entertaining as you are in my life.

  • Happy birthday my dear boy! You are so special for me but your birthday is more special for me as on this day you came in this world to make my world.

  • I wish you a day as blushing as your cheeks, as juicy as your lips, as soft as your skin, happy birthday!

  • Thanks a lot for choosing me to celebrate your big day with you. You are my life. Happy birthday!
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  • My dear fellow, I do not know how happy I am to have you in my life. I love you from the core of my heart. Happy Birthday!

  • Today I was thinking about the suitable words to express my feelings to you. But I do not find the words as my love does not have need of words.

  • May every candle burn here carry your one wish and by the end of this year, your all wishes come true. Best day!

  • Happy birthday my love! I wish your birthday be as bright and shiny as this day is.

  • My dear love, you are an amazing flower that grows in a wonderful garden and with its sweet smell, my whole life is fragmented.   

  • I am blessed to have you in my life, you make my life beautiful, as nothing could be special than the day when you came into this planet. So thank you for everything and a very happy birthday to a very special person.

  • The simplest thing I ever did was not falling in love with you. It’s been staying in love with you ever since. Happy birthday to my love! I love you more than everything.

  • Birthday is incomplete without cake, same like that I am incomplete without you. You made my life complete. Happy birthday to my love. May you live long and happy.

  • You are my dream in my sleep, You are my image in my eye; You are my smile on my lips; You beat of my heart; You are light of my life; You are the happiness of my life, You are everything to me. Happy Birthday, my love!

  • Today is a perfect time to tell you that I love you so much, more than myself and I hope that all your dreams come true. Enjoy your most special day!

  • Today is a most special day for me because today it's your birthday! Be blessed, my sweetheart! Happy birthday. I love you so much!

  • I am so thankful to God for blessing me a boyfriend/girlfriend like you! You are the love of my life. I love you so much dear! Happy birthday.

  • Everything on this planet can have a replacement but Not You. You are unique. You are one and only my dear love. Happy birthday dear!

  • I always saying fewer words when I have to express how much I love. I just want to thank God on this special day of yours, you came to complete my life. Happy birthday love!

  • How much I wish I could fly to you and give you a kiss with the warm tight hug on this super special day of yours. I love you, honey! Happy birthday love of my life!
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  • No poems or special images, just a simple text for you to let you know that you are the very special person of my life. I love you to the moon and back! Happy birthday sweetheart

  • You are the one with whom I can share my all feelings, my happiness, my sad moments, my troubles, my success. You understand me the best. Thanks for being such a dearest and may God shower his best wishes on you. Happy Birthday To My Love.

  • To make things more pleasant and to make you smile, I have made a special wish to be fulfilled. You complete me in the perfect way and no one can ever replace you. Happy birthday sweetheart.

  • I wish I could see how beautiful you would be looking today on your birthday. Wish I could just kiss you, hug you tightly and you may forget all world sadness or pain that you may have and just enjoy the day. Happy Birthday sweetheart!

  • It's very tough to make others happy. But when I with you, I have never ever had such a moment because you never let anything happen that would make me sad or cry. A warm hug and the sweet kiss for my love, I wish you a very happy birthday.

  • For a beautiful soul as yours, you deserve to be given the happiest day on earth. Wish you all the best, may you achieve all your goals. My goal is you. Happy birthday Jaan!

  • I thank God for giving the best gift – the gift of pleasure. Since I met you, everything changed. On your birthday, I want to give you all the best wishes. May all your dreams come true. Happy Birthday, my dearest.

  • May every path you take to be free of troubles. May every turn bring pleasant surprises. May every door you enter bring good wealth. May this day be the happiest of birthdays for you. Keep smiling, love your smile, my love.

  • The heavens opened and sent you down for me. I will always remember the way when I first saw you, my heart skipped several bits. Best person of my life. On this day wanna tight hug from you. Happy birthday i love you.

  • The first time we met, I knew quickly that you are the one that made for me and I am the one for you. And while the years pass by, my heart grows even deeper in love with you. Best birthday wishes for the best person! Happy birthday love.

  • Having someone like you make me feel like I’m the luckiest person alive. Luck has always been on my side. But I’ve never been luckier on the day that I met you.  Have an awesome birthday, sweetie! I love you so much!

  • Whenever I am with you, I feel like tension free, comfortable and I can feel some butterflies in my stomach, too. I guess that’s how strong my love is for you. Have a happy birthday dear my love.

  • It is always marvelous to wish you a happy birthday every year! I wish that we can be together forever so that I will keep on wishing you a happy birthday, every year on time… I love you, darling!

  • It’s your birthday today my love and it’s the perfect time to make a beautiful and romantic wish for you. Mine has already been granted on that day I first met you. Happy birthday, I love you.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Lover - Happy Birthday Love

Funny birthday wishes are as important as formal wishes. How? Formal birthday wishes express your true feelings and make your lover happy while informal wishes/funny wishes bring a huge smile on your lover's face and make him laugh for the whole day. Make your lover birthday happy and remarkable. 

  • Happy Birthday sweetheart! How many candles will you ignite today, Sorry I am estimating the cost? Have the best day!

  • Should I ask fire extinguisher at your special day so that it may not be ruined due to candles fire? Kidding! Happy birthday.

  • Today is your great day! And I am wishing a great treat from your side. Cheers!

  • You are my sweet boyfriend. And on your birthday I am giving you a big favor by helping you in blowing out candles with you.

  • Today nth is looking so dashing and gorgeous that my mouth is watering; do not be super excited it’s your birthday cake.

  • Happy birthday to my very hard working boy who can spend long hard hours by sitting on a sofa and watch sports. Keep it up.
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  • Happy birthday to my hottest boyfriend! You make my all friends jealous of me.

  • Hi, my lover! Thanks for making a good person for some days. On most days, you make my blood pressure high. But do not worry! I still love you lots. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday dear! Today I am giving you a great favor by not telling your friends that you are not a stunt but a mommy’s boy.   

  • Thought counts a lot. So on your big day, I thought I would save money and would not buy any gift for you. Happy Birthday!

  • Today I want to tell you the secret hidden inside me that is “you are very clingy”. Happy birthday!

  • Happy Birthday dear! Please tell me for how many times will you celebrate your 27th birthday? 

  • I know my girlfriend is prettier than me as she takes twice the time than me to get ready. Happy birthday!

  • Happy birthday dear! Thanks for bearing me for a long time as I am very crazy but do you know why am I crazy? I am crazy for you.

  • A lighter or a matchstick? But they are not enough to light up your candles; we should better arrange a flame-thrower. Happy Birthday!

Romantic Happy Birthday Images For Lover With Wishes

In this section, i am going to present an awesome collection of romantic happy birthday images for lover. It is the best day to show your affection to lover, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, fiance.Remind your love partner how much you appreciate and care about her/his special days. We hope that these happy birthday love images with romantic wishes will help to express your feelings. Find just the right lover birthday images on this page, making it easier than ever to tell someone special how much you love them. 

You can find here a unique collection of birthday wishes images for lover, specially designed for lovers. So that you can show your lovely feelings to beloved ones. If you far away from your loved ones then it is very useful for you. Just select the best romantic birthday images for your love and share on their social profile or send in a personal message. Check out birthday pics for lover below, make feel them extra special.


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Beautiful birthday wishes images can express your feelings in a different way. It's necessary to have romantic birthday messages for lover, but it would be more special if you get those wishes on romantic birthday images. These lover birthday images will show your feelings in a great way. An easy way to impress your girlfriend or boyfriend. Give some time and choose the best one for your love.

Bday wishes are the great opportunity to express feelings. The feelings that you always want to share but are reluctant to describe in front of your lover, this is the chance, wrap those feelings and emotions in writing knots and send them to your lover. Do not miss the chance otherwise you will spoil another big chance. Just choose the romantic birthday wishes for lover and share with them on their social networks.