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Celebrate your friends and family members birthday in an awesome way. Get a huge collection of latest HD happy birthday wishes images. Download and share now.

Nowaday's it is very hard to find or design beautiful happy birthday wishes images for friends and family members. Because there are too many websites that provide simple and old birthday wishes and images. Which don't make any sense for wishing birthday. How so? They use same wish or an image for many friends. There is no uniqueness in it. I have shared below latest and best birthday wishes images that will help you to express your love and gratitude.

I have written love and inspirational message on the happy birthday images, by using which you can easily show your emotions with birthday greetings. Hope you will enjoy and select the perfect one.

You will find below many happy birthday wishes with all relations, such as you will find their happy birthday Sister, Love, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Best Friend, Brother, Wife, Husband, Mom, Dad, Colleague, Cousin, Aunty, Uncle, and many more. 

Happy Birthday Girlfriend

  • "To My Girlfriend On Her Birthday, May your birthday be as truly, madly and deeply special as you are to me."
  • "You look the best and very sweet with your cute smile. Today is your birthday smile the whole day to remain happy and to keep happy everybody."
  • "Not only for you but also for me it is a very special day because on this day the person who made my life happy come on this earth. Love You!"

Happy Birthday Boyfriend

  • "Happy birthday to the biggest treasure in my life! I am so proud and happy to have such a strong, generous and charming boyfriend. Wishing you the most wonderful moments and emotions on your special day!"
  • "The first thing that I want to share on this special day is good wishes. I hope I am the  one, Who you waiting for birthday greetings, You are  the most special person in the world to me."
  • "The most loving birthday wishes to my amazing boyfriend, who is always there for me, who listens to me and calms me. Love you endlessly."
  • "Let your birthday be full of love and happiness, just as our relationship has been blessed with these delightful qualities. May you have many many more years."

Happy Birthday Sister

  • "This is the best month of the year. Do you know why? Because it is someone's magical day today. Do you know whose? It's a person who I love from the bottom of my heart? My dear, it's YOU! Wish you a very happy birthday."
  • "Wishing A Special Sister, A Happy Birthday All the loving wishes, being made for you today are for the kind of birthday that brings happiness your way. It also brings a wealth of thoughts Especially for you Hoping that the joy you feel will last the whole year through."
  • "You are gorgeous, intelligent, and caring. It’s actually annoying how best you are! Happy birthday to my perfectly annoying but deeply lovable sister."

Happy Birthday Brother

  • "You are the best brother not for now, not for today, not for tomorrow – but forever. Let's go and celebrate this special day with cake and balloons."
  • "I know today is your birthday, but it has always been a special day for me, too. Years ago, I gained the best friend. I will ever have on this day. Thanks for being there for me, brother. I hope all your wishes come true."
  • "I appreciate that you are always there, Brother, to help me understand stuff. You always support me in every condition. Best wishes to you ahead. Many many happy returns of the day."
  • "You are more than just a brother, you are also my best friend and someone I know I can count on to be there for me in good times and bad. Thanks for always having my back."

Happy Birthday Daughter

  • "You are certainly the most beautiful gift that we have received in our lifetime. Wonderful Birthday to the most wonderful daughter in the whole world!"
  • "This day is very important for us and to everyone who knows you, our dear daughter! You are such an amazing person and on your birthday, we wish you all the best things in life."
  • "Today we are celebrating the best gift that we have ever received and that is your birth. Thank you for being a blessing in our life."
  • "I really do not know what great things I have done in the past life to deserve such a wonderful daughter like you. Whatever it was, it must have been so incredible for I was given the best daughter in the world. Wonderful birthday our little darling!"

Happy Birthday Son

  • "If I look at everything in my life, you're easily the best part of it. Through thick and thin, you've been an extraordinary son and a wonderful man."
  • "Only a few parents are privileged to be blessed with a gifted son like you. Happy birthday to the best son in the whole wide world!"

Happy Birthday Wife

  • "My life without you is like a lake without water. You make my life complete in every sense. You are not just my wife, you are my life. Happy Birthday, Sweet Wife!"
  • "There is not anything is life nor could there ever be everything as wonderful as the love you share with me."
  • "As you blow the candles on your birthday cake, I want to tell you what a wonderful wife you make. Without you in my life, my heart would have bled. With you, I look forward to a wonderful life ahead."
  • "Before I met you, my life was a walk in the park – lazy and boring. After I met you, life became a spacewalk, awesome and simply out of this world. You are the source of my all happiness."

Happy Birthday Husband

  • "You are handsome you are generous you are brilliant, you are alert! But more important is you are mine."
  • "As a man, you are outstanding. As a husband, you are everything I could have dreamed of and more. All my love on your special day!"
  • "You came into my life in one day. My time started revolving around you. Before marriage and after the marriage has. Become a common phrase in my life. I was rejoiced again and again as Happiness and celebration was filling in my life."

Happy Birthday Mom

  • " Thanks you very much to all the things that you offer to us, I am very proud to be your child, I wish nothing but all the best for you. Have a nice birthday to my beloved mother."
  • "You gave birth to me, nurtured me, cared for me, fought for me, scolded me for my misdeeds, taught me ways of life but more importantly you loved me unconditionally. Happy Birthday, Mummy!"
  • "Wishing you a special day free from worries and care that you always have for us. Today is your day to be us. Love you from all of us. Happy birthday to my most favorite personality of the world."
  • "You have been my inspiration my entire life as you taught us how to play different roles in life and be so cool also.I can’t share my feelings. Love you so much."

Happy Birthday Dad

  • "There is nothing in the whole world which can stop me, because I know I have my strong daddy to back me. Enjoy all the love and attention on your birthday. Love from all of us. Be happy!"
  • "I am so proud to have such a great father like you and I will always cherish all the priceless lessons that you have given me. Thank you for believing in me and being always there, when I need it most."
  • "You are the reason I am who I am, without you life would have been a complete mess and a  chaotic jam. I am so glad that I have got your DNA, I love you is all I want to say."
  • "Today is the right time for me to say, how grateful I am to you for always showing me the way. Always support me no matter what the situation is. Happy Birthday my sweet Dad! Love You"


Happy Birthday Cousin

  • "I am truly blessed for having someone like you in my life. Thanks for everything."
  • "Take every birthday wish you've received today, multiply all the love you found in them by 1,000, then add years of joy, wonder, and prosperity to the mix...and it still would not equal all the love, joy, wonder and prosperity I wish for you."
  • "May your all wishes come true and you have a very happy and successful life ahead. Best wishes for my favorite cousin."

Happy Birthday Aunty

  • "Thanks for everything that you have done for me. It’s time to celebrate your big-day with great enthusiasm. Happy birthday to my dearest aunt!"
  • "Smile your dazzling smile and enjoy yourself, because I can’t imagine a woman who deserves to more! You’ve been more than an aunt, you’ve been a friend to me over the years, and so I want to wish you the most marvelous birthday."

Happy Birthday Images With Wishes, Messages, And Quotes

Birthday is not the day to give the presents or cut a cake. It is the special occasion and a great opportunity to show your loved ones how much you do love and how important he or she to you. Expressing true feelings is so important to make the day of celebrant extra special and happy. For showing feelings and wishing birthday, you just need something extra special collection. I have shared happy birthday wishes images on which I had written messages and quotes. It will help you a lot. So spent some extra time and choose the best birthday wish for your beloved.

You have seen birthday wishes images for all the relations. Pick the right one and send your wishes and express love in a beautiful way. I have written birthday messages, wishes, and quotes on the bday images. No need to think how to wish or what to say. Just select and share.

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